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lightbulb fluid foundation

lightbulb fluid foundation

a perfectly-matching shade is the key to achieving the most natural glow. in a breathable light texture, the lightbulb fluid foundation shade blends seamlessly onto the skin, revealing #myglowID. 

lightbulb fluid foundation shades are tailor-made for asian skin based on the hvc shade system that is known to be one of the most accurate color systems to precisely map any slight variation in shade. experts from our labs used advanced computer science to precisely formulate the best composition of all the right ingredients to create the most natural second-skin glow with no trace of artificial reflections or excess glossiness. 

30ml - RM199.50

  • benefits
macadamia oil light-infused moisture for sensorial comfort 
japanese rice prevents makeup dullness for a lasting glow 
triple silicon oil captures and reflects light with no sticky sensation 
mineral pigments (amino acid treated pigment achieves amooth and fitting coverage in skin-true shades