your foundation guide
the lightbulb fluid foundation

the lightbulb fluid foundation

achieve natural glow with high coverage. 
thanks to shu uemura's expertise in technology and tools,
the 'lightbulb' provides paradoxical benefits of high coverage
and glow. 
tap the foundation with the sponge to achieve :
- natural glow yet high coverage
- long-lasting moisture yet exquisite fit

27ml - rm199.50

  • how to use
 using the larger side of the sponge:    

step 1: starting from the widest part of the cheeks, apply the fluid foundation by gently
tapping the sponge against the skin and moving it outwards in a spiral motion.

step 2: next, lightly place the sponge on the area around the mouth and slide it as if using
light brushstrokes, moving toward the lips.

step 3: then, slide the sponge along the nose from top to bottom and around the contours.

step 4: moving to the forehead, now slide the sponge from the center of the face outwards.

step 5: in the same manner, slide the sponge around the eye area, moving from the inner
corner to the tail of the eye.

step 6: lastly moving to the neck, slide the sponge down along the nape of the neck, toward the clavicle.   

 using the smaller side of the sponge:

step 7: without applying any additional fluid foundation, use the opposite, smaller side of the sponge (the pointed side) to adjust the level of radiance and control glow by lightly placing the sponge around the corners of the eyes, nose and mouth.