TSUYA skin youthful vita-glow activator

TSUYA skin youthful vita-glow activator

new improved formulation to stop "exhausted look" in 7 days!

120% rhamnose (from natural origins) -  it switches-on skin's youth power and promotes the production of vitalizing molecules.

skin vital complex - for anti-oxidation to reveal vibrant, energized skin
daidai citrus flavonoid - blocks "fatigue signals"
hyaluronic acid microcapsule - prolongs moisturisation

ideal for Asian skin, asian women saw improvement in their skin*:
- 96% skin looks vitalized and rested
- 94% face make-up does not go in the pores

30ml - rm311.32.00

  • how to use
  • benefits
after using lotion, apply 3-4 drops and massage all over face and neck. to be used during day and night.


rhamnose penetrates deeply to reactivate the skin’s youth power switch. it serves to boost cell regeneration and provides significant improvement in all fundamental skin layers to achieve ideal skin.
enju flower “enju” meaning longevity in japanese, is well known for its powerful live force.