la maison du chocolat
la maison du chocolat

shu uemura x
La Maison du Chocolat

shu uemura presents an irresistable 2018 holiday collection with the french parisian chocolatier house,
La Maison du Chocolat.

la maison du chocolat

rouge unlimited

rouge unlimited

delicious color lipsticks combined with a rich chocolate fragrance & sweet flavor

rouge unlimited |

rouge unlimited

delicious star shades

  • deep cranberry
    deep cranberry
  • salty caramel
    salty caramel
  • ripe cherry
    ripe cherry

rouge unlimited supreme matte

  • deep cranberry
    deep cranberry
  • salty caramel
    salty caramel
  • cassis berry
    cassis berry
  • ripe cherry
    ripe cherry
  • raspberry syrup
    raspberry syrup
  • black berry
    black berry

rouge unlimited supreme matte
6 shades | RM98

rouge unlimited central (satin finish)

  • caramel toffee
    caramel toffee
  • raspberry puree
    raspberry puree
  • framboise sorbet
    framboise sorbet
  • hazelnut ganache
    hazelnut ganache

rouge unlimited central
4 shades | RM98

& praliné eye palette

bold chic or sweet elegance, choose the deliciously fragranced eye colors

eye palette framboise berry

eye palette dark cacao

ganache & praliné eye palette

no. 1 cleansing oil*

removes impurities and stubborn makeup with 1-step deep cleansing!

ultime8∞ sublime beauty cleansing oil
450ml | RM406
150ml | RM178

**No. 1 make-up remover brand in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore. Based on sales amount: 'East Asia 7 markets consolidation - Selective Distribution Full Year 2017 Report'
(Copyright ©2018 Beauté Research SARL)

cleansing oil

from the collection

  • magic metallic lip liner

    magic metallic lip liner

    star dust gold | RM109
    star dust rosé | RM109
  • brow unlimited

    brow unlimited

    cassis violet | RM120
    orange peel | RM120
  • cream dome blusher

    cream dome blusher

    passion fruit macaron | RM105
    rose petal macaron | RM105
  • shimmery powder

    shimmery powder

    luster gold dust | RM120
    luster rosé dust | RM120
  • eyelash curler

    chocolate topped
    eyelash curler

  • mini brush set

    ganache & praliné premium brush coffret mini brush set

  • premium assorted hatbox

    premium assorted hatbox


beauty recipes

framboise berry

this wearable yet edgy is created with berry shades. add beige lips to give a cool finish.

framboise berry
  • step 1 framboise berry
    step 1

    apply eyeshadow B3 on the lower lash-line. also add eyeshadow B6 along the lash-line to define the eye frame

  • step 2 framboise berry
    step 2

    fill the outer lid with eyeshadow B3, and use eyeshadow B6 towards the outer corner

  • step 3 framboise berry
    step 3

    apply eyeshadow B7 on the center top on the lid, and blend inwards

dark cacao

give contrast between your eyes and lips, and add a twist with the magic lip liner to spice up your makeup artistry.

dark cacao
  • step 1 dark cacao
    step 1

    apply eyeshadow A8 on the lower lash-line, and up to about 3/4 on the upper lid

  • step 2 dark cacao
    step 2

    extend the inner and outer corner shadows with eyeshadow A2

    darken the eye socket line with eyeshadow A1

  • step 3 dark cacao
    step 3

    apply eyeshadow A7 on the center top of the lid as a highlighter

    lastly add eyeshadow A6 on the lash-line