rouge unlimited

rouge unlimited

vibrant colors, blendable texture
37 shades

37 blendable shades our star picks

  • WN288 ride 'n berry

    ride'n berry

  • RD 160 shu shu baby

    RD 160
    shu shu baby

  • RD 166 red remix

    RD 166
    red remix

  • RD 330 coral minim

    RD 330
    coral minim

  • BG 965 muted rose

    BG 965
    muted rose


4 mixers

    • purple
    • purple swatch

      purpledeepens any shade without dulling it, adds a hit of shadow and creates purpley-pinks, plums and deep reds

    • yellow
    • yellow swatch

      yellowwarms up and brightens tones,creates tomato reds, tangerines and corals

    • glitter
    • glitter swatch

      glittera finish changer that creates a high-level sparkle effect

    • pearl
    • pearl swatch

      pearla finish changer that creates a lustrous shimmering effect

yuji asano

4 professional makeup tips
by yuji asano

yuji asanointernational chief makeup artist
product designer

RD 160
shu shu baby

feminine & sexy use passionate red with lip brush 6M and draw round the cupid’s bow for a feminine and sexy impression.

feminine and sexy

CR 330
coral minim

pure & cute use pink and draw naturally along with original lip line with lip brush 6F.

pure and cute

WN 288
ride 'n berry

powerful & seductive use a deep color to draw straight and sharp lines with lip brush 6F for powerful and tempting impression.

powerful and seductive

RD 166
red remix
purple mixer

mixing colors when creating more dimensional lips, use the purple mixer on the edges of both lips. if you want a strong dimensional look, use purple after the base color. if you want a natural dimension, use the purple mixer first. use lip brush 6F for a defined lip line, and use 6M for the shading.

mixing colors