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take a look at everyone's favorite and why!

i love it because it's smooth and smudge free all day long. and the liner doesn't dry up like other liners. it's also great for between lashes.

Chelsia Ng,
Singer Songwriter

modern make-up tribute to Asia's traditional art of calligraph - Japanese inspired calligraphy brush drawing fine to bold lines with precision

easy to use pencil with precise control for desired thickness, thanks to the unique way it is sharpened!

Evyne Ler,
shufanatic hard 9 eyebrow pencil customer

inspired by naginata, a traditional Japanese blade - to draw as thin as hair and shade to create natural shadow

pilihan warna yang menarik, tekstur yang halus dan warna yang tahan lama.

Surya Zainol
Celebrity Makeup Artist

there are as many color as women
- Mr. Shu Uemura

super smooth flawless skin upon use with added sun protection benefits and washed off like a dream. i was using it for 5 years or so.

Andrea Fonseka,
Miss Universe Malaysia 2004

inspired by a better make-up canvas
- 1st ever mousse form make-up base which is as light as air!

good coverage & not cakey. gives a good luminous finishing & easy to apply even for non-pros.

Geraldine Loy,
Celebrity Make-up Artist

glow under any light without
powdery finish

this is the best solution to cleanse and remove make-up while giving your skin the quality and attention it deserves. i'm getting much more than what i paid for.

Azwati Rahmad,
shufanatic cleansing oil customer

make-up starts and ends
with cleansing - Mr Shu Uemura

the colors are so individualistic and the lipstick never dries out on my lips. superb!

Lim Li Ying,
Beauty Editor of Harpers Bazaar

colors are like personality,
they are infinite

the coverage is excellent and it blends easily using the lightbulb sponge. it creates almost an invisible & smooth finish on your skin.

Kittie Yiyi,
Fashion Designer

the face is the perfect canvas
for a beautiful make-up
- Mr Shu Uemura

this eyelash curler works so well and my curls last much longer. i’ve been using it for more than 10 years & i haven’t used any other since.

Sarah Lian,
Celebrity Host

internationally acclaimed iconic tool by make-up artists as the world's best beauty accessories - calculates shapes, ergonomic handles and curved angle suitable for all eye shapes.

it's the only oil cleanser that can remove all my make up (even heavy make up from photoshoots) without stretching or stressing my skin! I haven't found anything better.

Joyce Wong,
Founder of kinkybluefairy

beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin - Mr, Shu Uemura